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We are facing an unprecedented time in the history of our country. Schools, shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities are shut down. Our jobs, families and places of worship have been disrupted and our way of life is indefinitely stalled. None of us could have imagined that our public health system would be stretched to capacity in response to an invisible and deadly threat. Yet here we are.

I want to share ways in which you as a VPHA member can help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. As an organization with a diverse membership of public health professionals, we are collectively moving in lock step to protect the health of all Virginians.

In today’s world, misinformation and false statements can be found everywhere on social media. It is vital to use factual and evidence-based information provided by reliable sources such as the CDC, WHO, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. This is true regarding all health topics. You can make a difference in your community by being a resource of factual public health information. You can also make a difference by following the recommendations of the CDC to help flatten the curve.

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